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Sud Creative Marketing Agency for the tech industry

Social Media 


What we do

Social Media is the faster and most direct way to reach potential customers. We all know that speech, right? Well, a few things to keep in mind: which platform is your audience (always your audience) using? and how can you get them interested in what you have to offer?

We use Social Media to:

  •  Generate brand awareness

  •  Boost sales funnels

  •  Create employer branding 

  •  Communicate the brand's message 

  •  Engage and interact users





We work with an editorial calendar that's always approved by our client before sending any publication live.

Here's more info about our Content Calendars.

We work around the client's branding (if you don't have a brand book, we'll create it for you)

Content is king, so we work on creating engaging content that gets us closer to the business' goals.

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QA Before-Office.jpg
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Hey Marketing & HR!

Three things that we always hear in Online meetings:
1. "Your mic is off"
2. "Can you guys see my screen now?"
3. "Hey? You still there?"

And sometimes (only sometimes) Internet crushes...

Oh well, the perks of working remotely.

We chose breakfast for a Before-office meet-up. After all, 7 pm doesn't deserve all the attention.

Here you can see the QA team: all ready to report and debug.

Hello Uruguay!

Walk with us through the streets of Montevideo's Old Town.

Catalina, from the marketing department, lives in this capital city and she's always ready to tour us around the city.

Screen Shot 2022-06-25 at 12.49.42.png

Being remote, but still being close.

We believe that there is always more success where there is more laughter.

That's why we, at Flexday observe #FunFridays and today we want to share a few glimpses with you!

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🦾 Amongst other advantages, AI apps will highlight options procurement has for re-negotiating key terms of contracts.

🦾📊 Procurement pros are now able to quickly run AI analyses on all of those contracts to find patterns & insights associated with all that contract data that were simply unavailable to them without the tech.

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Re use more, discard less. Small actions can make a huge difference.



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