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Sud Creative Marketing Agency for the tech industry

Email Marketing

What we do

Email marketing is a direct way to reach your target audience. According to Hubspot stats, the number of global email users will grow to 4.48 billion by 2024.

At Sud, we take our content seriously, this means: we care for what's on that email once we press send. This is why we set the time for research and creation when working on email strategies.

Not all companies need the same email style as they are not pursuing the same goal. For some might be an Internal Communication tool; for others, a sales booster. In each case, the design and content is different. 

We use Email Marketing to:

  •  Generate brand awareness

  •  Boost sales funnels

  •  Create employer branding 

  •  Communicate the brand's message 

  •  Engage and interact with users

  • Keep a brand's top of mind




Research on the competition: we look at what other companies are doing and find the spot where we can show our differential offer.

Once the research is done, the team splits into two different tasks:

  1. Designers create the visual storyline and pieces for the newsletter –if needed.

  2. The specialist works on creating a database of suitable users. We don't buy databases, on the contrary, we take the time to understand what each client needs and provide a verified list of contacts. 

These are the steps we follow when working on a Lead Generation strategy and using email as the main tool.


The Specialist or copywriter brings down the email flow with each message copy, content, and distribution line.


Automation takes place. The platforms we master are Mailchimp and Hubspot. The Specialist automates each email and flow.

Metrics are studied after each sprint. 


The email newsletters when working for the internal audience of a company requires a different structure and also a more thorough set of content: people care about people. These are the steps we take when working a newsletter for internal communication. 



First of all, the decision on what to communicate to the internal audience: for this part, internal management is necessary.

We like to structure information according to topics, as people will soon understand what to expect from each section.

Getting the content:

  • Interviews to team members

  • Asking for pictures

  • Creating internal pages – this is considering that the newsletter will have links to intranets.

  • Writing the newsletter copy.


  • Automate, send

  • Measure

For big or remote teams we work with A/B testing to understand what each audience prefers. 

Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 15.17.15.png
Newsletter abril.jpg


When we want to sell a product, then the email design and campaign are a whole different story. We might be creating a newsletter to sell a specific physical product, a class, or a digital product, here's important to keep in mind that it's all about the CTA's



Designers work on creating the visual resources for the newsletter.

Regarding the database: we use emails from previous customers, requests, or generated through lead magnets.

Promotions on items to promote in the newsletter need to be passed by management

We even send a few test emails to make sure the newsletter promotes the right product + price + link to purchase. 


  • Automate, send

  • Measure

For big promotions or sales, we work with A/B testing to understand what each audience prefers. 

Modesta_Newsletter example.jpg
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