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Repurposing Content: Ways to Use What You Already Got

Blogs, podcasts, social media, and websites. These things are essential to any company wanting to establish an online presence and build its brand image.

There are different ways to communicate information with your audience and potential customers. But let's be honest on two things, 1) it can be taxing on any team to create fresh new content for every medium you use; 2) a person needs to see an ad over seven times to remember it. So to be more efficient in creating content, more companies realize the value of repurposing what they already have.

Where to Begin?

When it comes to creating content, there has always been a need to make things for multiple formats, for example, radio, tv, and newspapers. And now, with the evolution of the internet, apps, and more, we find ourselves under a mountain of information that has to be re-told, re-packaged, and shaped for something else.

But where do you start? Companies must present themselves in many places, and each of those ways requires a format, style, or new approach to giving the information.

And since you already have the content from previous blog posts or videos, you can save yourself and your team much time by refreshing what you have in your back pocket.

Repurposing Content - An Example

We love a good Podcast here at Sud, so we'll begin with a Podcast for this example! Podcasts became a massive hit with people worldwide and became a part of a larger range of media in which you could interact with your audience. Through storytelling and radio talk shows have been around for decades, the podcast has revolutionized how we listen to broadcasts.

Podcasts typically run in episode format and range anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes to an hour. With this amount of content, you can separate your podcast into pieces to spread to other mediums to reach different audiences.

Different Ways to Repurpose Content

Let's say you have a 30-minute podcast; you can take quotes from the podcast and use them to create inspirational posts on Instagram or Facebook. Everyone loves a good quote, and repurposing the quotes from your podcast to the right outlets could give you content that has a new purpose.

Another way you can utilize your podcast is to transcribe it into a blog post. There are times when maybe your audience cannot listen to the 30-minute episode and may feel as though reading is more beneficial for them. And in those cases, we repurpose the content in the podcast and present it in written form.

You can do this in several different ways. For example, you can transcribe the podcast directly, create a written long-form of the episode, or create a short form that would include a podcast summary highlighting important information or quotes that may be valuable to readers.

Expanding on Your Content

You can expand the information or conversation with the same medium even further. For instance, if your podcast episode covers a particular topic, you may decide to dive deeper into these topics via another podcast episode or in a small mini-podcast series.

You can also take the conversation to your blog and make a mini blog series. However, when it comes to expanding upon content, sometimes that might include collecting data or information to support your point further. And in that sense, you may decide to create an ebook in which you would take a deeper dive into the podcast topic.

From one 30-minute podcast episode, you can create content across your social media, blog, and website. You can also further create brochures, PDFs, press releases, advertising campaigns, LinkedIn posts, etc. This helps you reach audiences of different demographics and different mediums.

The Importance of Repurposing

If you want to be seen, you can't be in only one place. Today we are in ten places at once, scrolling through tens of hundreds of posts in a day, and the competition is fierce.

To be heard, seen, and known as a brand, it's essential to spread your content into as many corners of multimedia as you can. And to make that process easier, we use the idea of repurposing.

We create content everywhere, from blog posts to copy for websites and social media, to build our client's brand voice and identity. In addition, we utilize content that they have already created and expanded upon it to provide a greater variety and versatility in our client's brand image.

It is crucial for brand visibility and important for your audience to remember who you are. Studies show that we must see something up to seven times before we begin to remember it. Therefore, the more someone sees your message, logo, or podcast, the more likely they'll be to remember your brand and continue interacting with your content. If you are a brand looking to add a fresh spin on older content, we’d love to hear from you!


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