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Hi Bot! - AI Content Creation

Okay, so who isn't talking about ChatGPT and AI? It has the incredible ability to create content in a snap. Every industry wants to get its hands on it to experiment with how this powerful tool can streamline content and support other creative endeavors, from SEO strategy to content planning.

We can't tell you how often content writers are asked if they will use AI to write content and abandon typing out thoughts altogether. But overall, content writers, including our teams at Sud, believe that AI can not replace the creativity and quality of projects we produce for our clients. So read along and examine our thoughts on AI and content creation.

Content Writers Will Continue to Write

Those of us who've been writing content know there's no program, at least yet, that can take on the entire content-creating process and bring the best quality all at once, especially when it comes to the dynamic nature of creating multiple voices and tones across differentiated types of social media and web content.

So while you may feel there is some pushback from content writers, well, it's because there is. AI, even a sophisticated one such as ChatGPT, is considered a tool to assist the creative process. The idea for AI to transform and complete the process with a few commands may be a dream to some, but others aren't, so convinced it's the best move for content creation.

I don't know one writer who plans to abandon the traditional form of content writing and leave it solely to AI. Writers are creators. That's what we enjoy doing, and leaving the majority of that process to a machine with no emotions or thoughts is like a betrayal to your creative heart and soul.

Sources Matter in Content Creation

We have to admit that AI can do some pretty amazing things and cover many aspects of content creation. But one of the top factors in content creation is quality. Authoritative content that will perform well comes down to the sources from which you get your information.

After planning, the next step is to research the topic at hand. The goal is to provide factual, relevant, updated information, data, and statistics to support your topic and provide your readers with valuable and helpful content. AI does not gather exact resources for you but learns from what is already available on the internet.

And as for the latest bot, ChatGPT, it's limited to information from 2021 and older. Therefore the content generated, which should be relevant and current, hinders the value of the information presented. Anything and everything published online from 2022 and beyond is information that ChatGPT does not have access to.

The robot should be able to fact-check the information to provide the best quality output. However, AI currently cannot do so, increasing the chances of plagiarism and spreading false information. So, if you use AI to write blog content or articles, you must review and edit the content to include references and ensure that the AI does not replicate someone else's words.

Remember quality of your content is only as good as the sources you get your information from and can potentially harm your content strategy if these factors are not considered.

Tone and Voice

Robots can not learn and write content from personal experience but through the experience of others. For this reason, AI lacks the ability to be creative in telling a captivating story.

As content writers, we write for multiple platforms and clients, all at the same time. Each client has a unique voice, and each platform has a particular way of structuring content.

While AI may be able to learn from the large amounts of data available, it can never replace the human emotion that goes into storytelling. Such as excitement, empathy, frustration, and critical thinking.

It also has no way of understanding the tone of voice you want to use for a client. Producing AI-generated content means that writers must edit to include the proper voice for each piece generated.

You Still Have to Edit Your Content

AI can give you results in seconds with a few keywords and commands, which may seem like the best idea ever for some. However, with the absence of well-verified sources, creativity, and the human touch, any content an AI may produce will have to be edited to include those essential human elements.

Technical SEO, images, backlinks, etc., will need to be plugged in properly to optimize your content for search and to promote greater visibility and engagement from your target audience. Every writer understands that their work can not go unedited or reviewed. And because AI is not precise, it's best to cover your basis by always editing AI content. You may discover that it takes longer to edit AI-generated content than it would if you had taken the time to write it yourself.

How Bots Can Help Content Creators

While it may not be the best idea to use AI to write all of your content, it can serve many purposes and is a wonderful tool to help streamline your writing process. In addition, this can be an excellent option for small teams and brands who need an extra boost in productivity and scalability.

Create Outlines

One of the benefits of using AI is creating your outlines at speed. This feature is helpful when you must put out a large volume of content covering various subjects. It's also a massive time saver as it may be challenging to develop topics and subtopics for an article.

You can then add additional information, such as sources and supporting links. You won't have to worry so much about plagiarization because you'll be in charge of gathering the resources and can change the outline to create more engaging content.

Brainstorm Ideas

Strategy is a significant part of content creation. Putting out non-related content is not helpful for your search ranking and may confuse any readers who consume your content. AI is excellent in that it can help you build your content strategy and bring in new ideas.

Companies can map out a long-term strategy covering topics interlinked with each other that tell a great story. For example, sometimes smashing through writer's block is all writers need to juice up their creativity flow. AI can save time and productivity by providing ideas or samples to consider.

Aid In SEO and Keyword Planning

Keywords and SEO Strategy aren't everything; however, they play a significant role in a successful content strategy. AI, when directed, can come up with keywords that may be relevant and helpful, but remember that your robot friend isn't giving you keywords based on trends or current events, news, and consumer behavior.

Technology is limited in this instance, meaning you must not rely solely on AI to generate your keyword strategy. However, content creators can use it to help develop SEO titles, headings, and meta description ideas. This is very helpful as it can speed up the time it takes to put on the finishing touches during your final edit.

AI Will Become a Tool for Content Creation, Not a Replacement

While AI can be a valuable tool for your content creation processes, nothing can beat human-written, people-centric content. While many content writers may disagree, we still need the data and evidence on how AI content performs over time and if it can keep up with the changes in content creation and strategy.

Those statistics will be what drive the direction of AI and content creation for the future. However, trends suggest that people still favor human connection over automated or robotic-like experiences.

We enjoy telling our clients' stories by creating quality, informative, and valuable content. Just as our name states we're creative in nature and in every way. However, the importance of efficiency and productivity has not been lost on us. We use technology and tools to bring the best to your content strategies. If you are looking for a stellar team to bring your content to life, contact us and let's get creative together.


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