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CEDEI: Colección Cervantina

Branding | Web design

The Client

CEDEI goes for Centro de Documentación y Estudios de Iberoamérica (Documentation and Iberoamican Studies Center). This is an institution within a University in Montevideo (Uruguay). Years ago they received an enormous donation formed by over 2800 books of El Quixote, previously owned by Arturo E. Xalambrí (1888-1975).


They wanted to build a website for the collection so that researchers and other institutions could learn about this legacy.

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Our Work

We divided our workload into two segments: first, we cared for the branding of the Center and the look and feel the website would have. Later, we designed the site according to the clients’ needs and our branding resolution.


As this Quixote collection is so prestigious and unique in its kind, we wanted to give it a professional and classical look and also a vocabulary that could invite new people to learn about both the book and Xalambri as a collector. We cared for the colors, font, and even the words that were used to present the site.


The client took our advice into account specifically on how to present the information: as this is a Documentation Center, plus Quixote is an old and prestigious book, most of the text was written in a highly classical manner. We suggested dividing the information in sections in other to attract the young crowd to read and learn more about this collection. 


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