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Email Marketing for a law firm

Email Marketing | Branding

The Client


The Client is a prestigious law firm in Uruguay who works mostly on Real Estate for Argentinian customers.


As many Argentinians are showing interest in moving to the neighboring country of Uruguay, this firm was interested in attracting clients from that side of the river to give legal advice on Real Estate and Uruguayan law.

Our Work


After a few meetings with the client, we were able to create the look and feel of the company for effective brand communication. This is paramount, as visual aids are a highly important part when transmitting the true soul of a company. For this law firm, we determined that it was professional, classy, and approachable, and from that statement, we created the branding.


For the content, we worked with local photographers to transmit the Uruguayan spirit and also a look at how the Estates look on that side of the river; and for the law information, we worked with professionals of that field recommended by the client.

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