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Sud Creative Marketing Agency for the tech industry
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Branding, Market Research, Marketing Strategy & Implementation

The Brief

Global Sales Solutions (GSS) is a marketing agency focused on lead generation, email marketing, and automation. They are based in Costa Rica, working with many clients from different countries in Latam.


After years of working on outreach to reach new audiences, they came to us looking for ways to position their brand in the eyes of American consumers.

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Our Work

Step one was to conduct research on the company, the market, and its competitors to clearly understand the best approach to reach their audience. In addition, we tried a few different voices for speeches, worked on the S.M.A.R.T. goals and created a strategy.

So, once the strategy was clear and we had a north to go to, the Designer took a stand with the brand visuals. We went all the way to the beginning and suggested a new color palette to unify the illustration family and other basics from the brand book.

Our strategy included these ta tactics:

         Blog Articles

They didn’t have a blog, so we designed and developed one for them. The Content Writer also curated a three-month plan to highlight and discuss the subjects we thought were best for Global Sales Solutions to address, giving them more relevancy and authority in the lead generation space.

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        Website Redesign

They had a functional website, but we proposed to upgrade the design, match the new branding, and add the blog. We also set special attention to all technical and on-page SEO.

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        Case Studies

GSS had amazing success stories, and their Clutch rating also speaks for itself! So our Content Writer grabbed those stories and wrote them for the website, retelling these experiences from the voices of the GSS team. Success stories always make great content and always add a layer of trust for prospects.

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        Social Media

For brand positioning, we worked on the LinkedIn business page and an Instagram account created for employer branding. We got great results from the strategy, including unexpected leads and organic growth from 0 to almost 300 followers in one quarter.

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As they are based in Costa Rica, a country with a great positioning both on eco-matters and outsourcing services, we wanted to add that extra Caribbean touch to their images.


The tone of voice chosen for GSS was colloquial with a hint of formality: a brand that knows what it's talking about but approachable. And that was exactly what was translated into visuals.

The Visual Identity


Here are a few pieces we created for Global Sales Solutions: Social Media, Blog Articles, and Branding.

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Social Media

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Blog Articles

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Can I Talk to a Human, Please?

Automation is taking over every industry in every aspect that you can imagine. 

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Email Marketing: Best tools for B2B

Nearly everyone has an email, which is the case for businesses too! 

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Brand Book


How we work

Sud Creative is a marketing and communication agency working mostly for the tech industry.

Our focus is on generating brand awareness and boosting sales funnels, and for that, we provide 3 different lines of services:

  • Branding

  • Digital Marketing

  • Content Creation

We would be happy to talk about your product and find a way to make it grow! Give us a call.

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