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Sud Creative Marketing Agency for the tech industry
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Flexday Solutions

Branding - Website Design - Social Media Managing & Editing

The Brief

Flexday Solutions is a software agency working with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. All their team members have masters or are PhDs, so their knowledge base is deep in their area of expertise. Therefore, they were looking for an ally capable of communicating all the company is capable of.


When we first met, their website was a simple template, the text wasn’t edited, and the information was misleading about their offering. Although they already had a logo, the branding was all over the place, and the same situation with Social Media: their last posts were from the holidays: a year before.

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Our Work




Requirements were: the client liked their logo but wanted to expand on their visual identity. So, our design team got down to business and started planning on colors, typography, images, and all other elements.


Flexday is a deeply skilled company working in a forward-thinking industry, and that was what we wanted to show: colors that show that vibrant future they’re creating, an agile logo that takes visuals to movement.

Website Design

Once the brand book was ready and approved, designers proceeded to work on their website's look and feel.


As an agency, we don’t create websites but work with developers to indicate the best design and communication options for our clients.


The client wanted to have two main elements on its homepage:

  • Links to their blog posts

  • Their team members with names and degrees.


As Flexday employs highly educated professionals, that is one of their distinctive strengths, and thus providing that information from the beginning sounded like a smart move.


We provided the Figma files with all the design (once it was approved), and their team of developers implemented the code.


Social Media

For their Social Media, our proposal had to be different from our usual offering: as they wanted to show such strong technical ability and education, most of the strategies were going to capture the wrong audience.


Our proposal, then, circled around LinkedIn and Instagram: both for employer branding and for brand awareness, with the intention of showing:

  • Topics they are interested in

  • Knowledge potential of the team


Blog: Written Content

Same situation as with Social Media: our proposal for the blog had to be different from our usual ways.


We work for the tech industry, so our writers know that area. But we can only get so far, especially if the team of our clients are PhDs. Our offer, then, was our ability to edit texts and make complicated texts readable for non-PhDs.


These are the designs created for this client. You'll find: links to the client's blog, social media images, the website design, and the new brand book.

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Blog Articles

Flexday Solutions - blog post 1.png

AI Meets In-House Counsel: An Automation Bonanza

For in-house counsel, there's some good news about AI: It turns out artificial intelligence is already making significant gains when it comes to anything involving the written word.

Flexday Solutions - blog post 2.png

Supply Chain AI: Squashing the Nightmare that is Coronavirus

Countless business supply chains that have been bruised or broken by Coronavirus will be turning to AI in the coming months and years to help ensure such a fiasco is never repeated.

Brand Book


Sud Creative is a marketing and communication agency working mostly for the tech industry.

Our focus is on generating brand awareness and boosting sales funnels, and for that, we provide 3 different lines of services:

  • Branding

  • Digital Marketing

  • Content Creation

We would be happy to talk about your product and find a way to make it grow! Give us a call.

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