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Sud Creative Marketing Agency for the tech industry
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Branding, Market Research, Marketing Strategy & Implementation

The Brief

DevBase is a staff augmentation company with headquarters in Chicago. They staff American-based companies with Latin American talent.


As the company was growing they found the need to generate leads from different sources but needed external support to do so. DevBase didn’t have a solid brand image, their website was basic and had no social presence.


At the same time, they wanted to position themselves as a great company to work for, so a different strategy to market future employees was needed as well.

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Our Work

Market Research

We conducted thorough research throughout the American market with companies that they considered their competition and also with new ones that appeared during research.

During this stage we defined:

  • S.W.A.T. analysis

  • Competition strengths and opportunities

  • Online Reputation

  • Buyer Persona & Journey




KPIs and Goals

Once we knew the general market situation we went straight to what we wanted our marketing actions to achieve.

We sat with the client to define goals and the KPIs to keep track of our progress. In marketing, what can’t be measured, doesn’t count and with that principle, we decided to measure all important metrics once a month.

Social Media Strategy

Generating brand awareness was highly important for DevBase, but we were all aware that even though some social platforms, like Instagram, were necessary for brand validation, it wasn’t necessarily where clients were going to look for them.

The decision was to create different strategies for each platform, always considering future employees could definitely find us through social.


So far, we’ve got great results: the brand book is up and running, it was gladly received by the employees as well as the clients. We launch a blog, the social media strategy is getting high results with a growth of over 50%.

We're currently working on web improvements, blog articles to communicate with the audience, and will soon implement an email marketing strategy.


Here are a few pieces we created for DevBase: Social Media, Blog Articles,

and Branding.

Social Media


Blog Articles

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 20.44.23.png

Working with a remote team

A compelling article on how the workforce has change and now remote work has a power never seen before.

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 20.44.34.png

Types of Outsourcing

Information on types of outsourcing, how it was created, and why. 

Brand Book


For the rebranding, the Designer had a meeting with the client. She also studied the materials DevBase already had: website, logo, typography, colors.

She, then, proceeded to create suggestions based on how they wanted to be perceived by an audience. Here are some of the results.


How we work

Sud Creative is a marketing and communication agency working mostly for the tech industry.

Our focus is on generating brand awareness and boosting sales funnels, and for that, we provide 3 different lines of services:

  • Branding

  • Digital Marketing

  • Content Creation

We would be happy to talk about your product and find a way to make it grow! Give us a call.

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