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Sud Creative Marketing Agency for the tech industry
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Full Marketing Team

The Brief

Specializing in strategic management solutions, Core-Strategy sought to communicate its transformative impact on enterprises navigating challenges from strategy to execution.

Modern enterprises face complex challenges in aligning strategy with execution. Core-Strategy recognized the need to communicate its solution's prowess in offering increased visibility, translating strategy into actionable plans, and navigating the intricacies of transformative changes.

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Our Work

In our collaboration with Core-Strategy, we implemented a multifaceted digital strategy encompassing blog writing, social media content creation and management, strategic analysis, SEO optimization, email marketing, and targeted advertising on Google and LinkedIn.

Solution Highlights:

🔸 Visibility Enhancement: Core-Strategy's platform offers leaders an unprecedented view into organizational capabilities, resources, and limitations.

🔸 Alignment and Translation: The solution seamlessly translates and maps organizational strategy with mission and technical capabilities.

🔸 Comprehensive Digital Strategy: Our approach included blog creation, social media management, strategic analysis, SEO optimization, and targeted ads, ensuring a cohesive and effective digital presence.

🔸 Real-time Intelligence: Core-Strategy empowers customers to gain real-time insights into the organization's goals and the progress of key strategic initiatives.


Our engagement with Core-Strategy involved extensive negotiations and close collaboration with the client's team.


Actively participating in their weekly team meetings, we observed firsthand the evolution of the platform alongside the developers.

This iterative process allowed us to seamlessly align our digital strategy with the dynamic changes on the Core-Strategy platform, ensuring our efforts were intricately woven into the ongoing enhancements and developments.


The collaborative approach fostered a deeper understanding of their goals, resulting in a finely tuned digital strategy that adapted in real-time to the evolving landscape of Core-Strategy's offerings.

Assets Portfolio

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Sud Creative is a marketing and communication agency working mostly for the tech industry.

Our focus is on generating brand awareness and boosting sales funnels, and for that, we provide 3 different lines of services:

  • Branding

  • Digital Marketing

  • Content Creation

We would be happy to talk about your product and find a way to make it grow! Give us a call.

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