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Sud Creative Marketing Agency for the tech industry
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Marketing Strategy | Branding | Content Creation

The Brief

Bixlabs is a Custom Product Development agency working from Latin America to the world. They work with entrepreneurs and established companies from different industries to develop their tech ideas into iOS, Android, or Web applications.


Their need was to have a marketing team to help them grow. That included solving their branding issues, generating documents for the sales pitch, and improving what they already had.

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They were on the verge of using this methodology, so we worked on improving it.


  • Blog articles

  • Social Media

  • Content Strategy


Blogging. We used an SEO tool to cross-relate keywords with what we wanted to post on our blog, the goal was to show Bixlabs as experts. We also improved the quality and quantity of the articles to be published. Finally, once we had that running, we started contacting blogs and magazines to write for them.

The same writer was approving all company messages to have a concise speech throughout all channels.

Our Work

Our work included different areas, such as:

  • Inbound Marketing:

    • Email marketing

    • Blog content creation

    • Social Media Strategy and management

  • Re-launching their website & blog

  • Re-branding their visual communication


We measure everything: this is the key to a well-performing marketing strategy; otherwise, we could never know if we’re going on the right path. Bixlabs didn’t measure their strategy, not on Marketing nor Sales, so one of our first jobs was to transfer all data to a CRM.

We worked on creating the Buyer Personas, defining the communication channels, and created the Master Document with the Communication and Marketing Strategy.


A key member of this team was the designer. She took control of the visual communication and flow, and created amazing pieces to represent the company.


Social Media wasn't a big part of the strategy as some members of the company didn't give it much credit. We kept them anyhow to generate brand awareness and especially to connect with future employees.


The Content Strategy was planned monthly and recorded on an editorial calendar. Later on, we started creating content planning by quarter, and that allowed us to prepare in advance, but we needed to keep an eye on the sudden shifts from the company (e.g. team members leaving the company).


  • Email Marketing

  • CTA

  • Forms


Email Marketing. We curated the database, then segmented it into three different groups, caring for the past and current clients on a specific group.

Also, we developed a specific brand for the newsletter: under the Bix&Bytes name, we created the aesthetic.

The strategy was to send monthly emails with relevant information from the industry. We promoted the blog posts, interesting quotes on the team members, and also offering meetings with specific members (such as the Product Manager).

For the Past and Current Clients list, we curated a different email; it contained information on a relevant topic, but we tried not to send them to other pages with CTAs, instead, we put all information in the email. 

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  • Helping Sales Pitch


A heavy part of our workload was to help Sales with documents to help them close deals.

As part of this job, we collected information, wrote and proofread, and designed all documents.


Lead acquisition: + 50%

Website visits: from ~500 monthly to ~300 monthly visits.

Bounce rate, blog: under 50%

Web & Blog

As our primary goal in the Inbound Strategy was to take people to our website and down to the contact form, we had to work hard to relaunch Bixlabs’ website.


The previous site was coded by Bixlabs’ developers and branded by an outsourced company. Although it was and looked professional, the visual elements were not aligned with the CEO’s vision of his company, and it also was hard to update the content.


We decided to migrate the whole site to a CMS with a new design and with fresh content. But first, we had to go through an in-depth identity search.

While the designer and the CEO were on that process, the Writer was working closely with the Product and Project Managers to get the latest case studies ready for publishing.


The new website has been a success so far, as we have tight control over all content, and the CMS allows us to upload and correct information at a fast speed. 


After a few months, we decided to migrate the blog to the same CMS, so we went over the same process one more time.


  • The organic search of the website grew 66%

  • Web visits through social media grow over 120%

  • Webform messages grow 109%

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