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Consulting | Brand Identity | Social Media Strategy

The Client

Modesta is a brand for the modern woman. This startup creates bags of different sizes and styles as a resourceful container for traveling.


They reached out to us when looking for their brand identity and social media management. As the owner of the entrepreneurship is a retired dentist, she had no clue on how to start creating her brand visuals and communications, but she did know what she wanted, so it was a great place to start.

Sud Creative Product Photography Modesta

Our Work

After the first meeting with the client, we created a Brand Board, to start bringing ideas down to earth: we defined the typography, color palette, and the emotions we wanted Modesta to transmit.


We crossed those ideas with the Entrepreneur to make sure we were going on the right path. Also, we defined the Social Channels that would best suit this brand were Facebook and Instagram and worked on email signature and Newsletter proposal to have a better connection with their clients.


Finally, we created a content strategy. We worked on:

  • Photography & video for social media

  • Instagram Stories content as a reference

  • Newsletter design and content

  • Facebook seasonal covers


Although we wanted to showcase the products, especially for the social media marketplace, we also thought of showing the lifestyle of the Modesta woman, so we chose and shoot images that could transmit adventures, holidays, the calmness of the summer breeze, and the excitement of vacation with friends.


When on vacation, things are far from perfect, stress is left at home, and we just take time to breathe in and soak up life. That is the overall emotion we want to transmit.


The target audience of Modesta are women and the products we had to work with were created for the millennial and Z gen women, people with laptop bags, and suitcases, some of them even carrying diaper bags as well. With so many containers, the Modesta products could help make their lives easier when dedicating a specific space for each group of things.


The brand is now ready to go live while we work on the e-commerce site.

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